Alternate Chair

 from the District 40 Alt Chairman Justin D.

Welcome to all the newly appointed and elected Trusted Servants. It is indeed an exciting time to be a part of District 40! The last couple of years our district has re-engaged the service structure of Area 57… I find myself smack dab in the middle of a pocket of enthusiasm. We are the fortunate ones.

The next time there is a football game on T.V., look at the stands with upwards of 50,000 fans watching just 22 players on the field. Our General Service structure in A.A. is a lot like that. You are the worker bee’s of A.A. and the fans are the fellowship. You play a vital role in the link between the home group, District 40 and Area 57. Thank you for stepping up and becoming a part of.

At a certain point in my sobriety I noticed that my life had been reassembled and God was allowing me to live a life of the “Promises”. The gift of desperation that was so crucial in getting me through the steps was slowly changing into the gift of inspiration. I found myself inspired by our founders and the early work they did in carrying the message of A.A. I finally understood the importance of Bill in the hotel lobby. It wasn’t the consequences that gave him that defense from picking up the first drink after 6 months without one, it was the intense desire to carry the message to those who are still suffering. On page 154 in the Big Book, Bill states, “But what about his responsibilities – his family and the men who would die because they would not know how to get well, ah-yes, those other alcoholics?’ Bill’s thought of helping another alcoholic is truly is the magic of our program!

As District 40’s Alternate Chair, Darin has asked me to organize and facilitate workshops at a district level in cooperation with our local groups. I will be talking with each committee chair, D.C.M, and active G.S.R to schedule the time and place. I would like to do at least one every quarter. The purpose of these workshops will be to educate and inspire each other to become a District that embraces all three legacies, share our message with the community, and the alcoholic who is still suffering.

Workshop topics will include, but are not limited to…

The History of A.A.
What are the Three Legacies?
The 12 Traditions
Role of the GSR
Role of the DCM
The relationship between the Home Group, District, Area and the GSO.
North East Central Service Office
Public Information (PI)
Bridge the Gap