A season always ends followed by another season and I am pleased to have this season of my life representing District 40 as your new Grapevine Chair. I have always heard several friends in the Fellowship mention Grapevine mostly around the area meetings and never really took interest in it. It was when I started reading The Language of the Heart where I really experienced the first of the Grapevine writings by our founder Bill W. Once being introduced to The Language of the Heart, I really started to see how important Bill’s writings were when he was trying to reach the fellowship one Tradition at a time every month via the Grapevine. Described as our meeting in print, my interest grew in the publication of the Grapevine. I have become curious as to how we can revive this publication and get it to the fellowship that we might not be able to reach now. My first objective in serving as your Grapevine Chair is to figure out our current registered representatives in the District and to have them register with Grapevine as a Grapevine Group Representative. In doing this, we will be able to see which groups have representatives, and which do not. Once doing that, I will be able to reach out to the groups and see how they are serving their group as their representative. This is the first step to a vision of creating a Grapevine army that will help grow Grapevine’s membership through getting members to subscribe to our meeting in print. I am excited to see the growth in Grapevine, as well as the growth in trying to reach the fellowship through this deep within our community who might not know about Alcoholics Anonymous, but can find themselves a written copy from our Fellowship directly.

Thank you for your service,
Amber D.

Grapevine Committee helps coordinate the work of individual A.A. members and groups in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics.

The district GvR is a vital part of The Grapevine helping us to continue carrying the message of AA. What started out in 1944 as an eight page newsletter grew into a full magazine that not only served as Bill W.’s communication tool to the growing number of AAs but has now reached a monthly circulation of approximately 95,000.

Grapevine (our meeting in print – anytime, anywhere) is calling the younger, computer savvy generation. AUDIO Grapevine – download to your computer, your ipod, MP3 – check out sample audios. New journal dedicated to young people – IN OUR OWN WORDS: Stories of Young AAs in Recovery.


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AA Oklahoma – Area Grapevine Committee

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