Article 1: PURPOSE

The West/Northeast District Policy and Procedures are meant to be suggestive in nature and are not to be interpreted as absolute law for the governing of the West/Northeast District. As the spirit of rotation creates new committee members and a new chairman and alternate chairman every two (2) years, district policy and procedures should be invaluable in maintaining continuity in such things as voting procedure, filling of vacancies created by resignation, duties of committee members, etc.

Article II: Duties of District Chair

1. The duties of the District Chair shall include but not be limited to the following:

A. Conduct all business meetings of the district.

B. Schedule all district business meetings in accordance with the Oklahoma State Policy and Procedures.

C. Selection of host group and adequate facilities for district meetings.

D. Compile district meeting agenda and submit it to the Secretary-treasurer for publishing and timely distribution.

E. Appointment of District Secretary-treasurer.

F. Assignment of group responsibilities to all DCM's.

G. Assignment of duties to Alternate DCM's.

H. Appointment of District Service Committee chairmen to coincide with the Area Service Committees.

I. Notification of the State Secretary of all district office holders, both elected and appointed.

J. With the Secretary-treasurer establish a checking account with a minimum of three persons authorized to sign checks with two signatures required. It is recommended that the Alternate District Chair be the third signature.

K. Upon election the District Chair becomes a non-voting member of the Northeast Central Service Office Board of Trustees.

L. Member of the Oklahoma State Committee budget committee.

2. In addition the District Chair should be familiar with the Service Manual and Twelve Concepts of World Service, Oklahoma Policy and Procedures, West/Northeast District Policy and Procedures, The Twelve Traditions, and Robert's Rules of Order.

1. Succeed to the position of the District Chair in the case of an unscheduled vacancy.

2. Perform the duties of the District Chair in his/her absence.

3. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the District Chair.

Article IV: Duties of the District Secretary Treasurer

1. Maintain a permanent record of the minutes of all district meetings.

2. Maintain group records on all groups in the West/Northeast District.

3. Notify the State Secretary of any changes concerning the West/Northeast District, including changes of elected or appointed trusted servants and changes to group records.

4. Publish district meeting agenda and disseminate to groups in a timely fashion.

5. Responsible for all written correspondence concerning the district.

6. Renew the district Post Office box on an annual basis and periodically check box for correspondence concerning district.

7. With the District Chair establish a checking account with at least three (3) authorized signatures and two (2) signatures required to validate a check. It is recommended that the third authorized signature be that of the Alternate District Chair.

8. Maintain the written financial records of the district, such as the check register and a quarterly district financial report, ensuring deposits are made in a timely manner and authorized bills against the district are promptly paid.

9. Perform such other tasks as are assigned by the District Chair.

10. The district Secretary-treasurer shall not succeed him/herself more than one time.

1. All West/Northeast District Service Committee Chairs are appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, the District Chair for a term of two (2) years.

2. Upon appointment by the District Chair, the Service Committee Chairs will become part of the corresponding Oklahoma State Service Committee, responsible to the West/Northeast District.

3. The West/Northeast District Service Chairs shall appoint such other members to their committee as may be required to successfully accomplish committee objectives as set forth by the Oklahoma State Service Committee Chair and the District Chair.

Article V: Duties of Service Committee Chairs

Article VI: Procedures for Election of District Officers

Article III: Duties of the Alternate District Chair

1.The officers of the West/Northeast District shall be comprised of six (6) District Committee members, at least two (2) Alternate District Committee members, and a Secretary-treasurer. The DCM's and the Alternate DCM's shall be elected to serve a term of two (2) consecutive years. The Secretary-treasurer shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the District Chair. The District Chair shall be elected from among the serving DCM's and previous DCMs for a period of two (2) years and is not eligible to succeed him/her self. The Alternate District Chair shall be elected in the same manner as the District Chair for a period of two (2) years.Write your text here...

2.Election of District Committee Members and Alternates shall be held at the last district meeting prior to the annual Area Assembly. Newly elected and appointed officers shall assume office immediately following the annual Area Assembly.

3.Election of the DCM's and Alternate DCM's should be conducted individually and by written ballot. Simple majority shall be sufficient to elect unless otherwise decided by a majority of the GSR's, Alternate GSR's, and bona fide substitutes in attendance.

4.Candidates for election to DCM and Alternate DCM shall be composed of those members of the West/Northeast District who have served or are currently serving as GSR or Alternate GSR. In accordance with the Oklahoma State Policy and Procedures, a member cannot serve as GSR and DCM simultaneously. A member may serve as GSR and Alternate DCM, but this practice is discouraged.

5. On an annual basis, three (3) DCM's and one (1) Alternate DCM shall rotate out of office. The DCM's shall not be eligible to succeed themselves unless they are serving out a partial term due to a vacancy created by resignation.

6. In even-numbered years, the District Chair and Alternate District Chair shall be elected immediately following the election of DCM's. Only current DCM's and previous DCMs are eligible for the position, although they shall have the opportunity to decline. If a DCM elected as a DCM in an odd numbered year is elected District Chair, the term of the District Chair as a DCM shall be extended such that the District Chair will be a DCM for his/her full term as District Chair.

7. Vacancies created by resignation shall be filled as follows:

A. In the case of resignation of a DCM, the Alternate DCM with one (1) year to serve will automatically assume the duties and responsibilities of DCM. The Alternate DCM with two (2) years to serve moves to the one (1) year and a new Alternate should be elected immediately to serve the remainder of the two (2) year Alternate DCM term.

B. In the case of resignation of a Alternate DCM, the procedure outlined in that portion of sub-paragraph a. should be followed.

Article VII: Changes to Policy and Procedures

As Alcoholics Anonymous is recognized as a living and constantly changing fellowship, so too must our District change if it is to reflect our fellowship. Therefore, a procedure should be in place to allow changes to be made in our policies and procedures.

Changes to the policies and procedures of the West/Northeast District shall be made as follows:

First Meeting

1. A request for changes to the Policy and Procedures may be submitted by any member of the West/Northeast District. Changes must be submitted in writing with a copy to the District Chair, Secretary-Treasurer, and Policy and Procedures Chair. Submission may be made at any regularly scheduled meeting of the West/Northeast District. The Policy and Procedures Chair will include the proposed change in his/her verbal report at that District meeting. No action shall be taken at this meeting, but discussion of the proposed changes will be allowed.

2. The District Chair shall appoint an ad hoc committee, which shall include the Policy and Procedures Chair, to study the proposal and make a recommendation for the approval or disapproval at the next scheduled District meeting. The proposed change shall be assigned to the business agenda of the next meeting under new business.

3. The Secretary-Treasurer will mail each GSR and Alternate GSR of record with a copy of the proposed change within two (2) weeks. Timely notification is essential for each group to have ample opportunity for study and discussion of the proposal

Second Meeting

1. At the next meeting the Policy and Procedures Chair will once again read the proposed change in its entirety.

2. Under New Business the District Chair will read the proposal and ask for the ad hoc committee report. The floor will then be open for discussion and voting will be conducted using a written ballot. A simple majority of approval or disapproval by those GSR's, Alternate GSR's, or bona fide substitutes in attendance will decide adoption or rejection.Write your text here...